Profit Share Q & A’s


What is profit share?

Profit share is a system used to split the earnings made by the bed with 50% going to you and 50% going to us.


Where is the furthest you deliver beds to?

We keep our profit-shares within a 25 mile radius from Warrington.


What is the protocol for getting a bed installed?

All you need to do is:


Are there any costs for getting the bed installed?

Yes, there is a one off minimal fee of £150 to get your chosen bed installed, which as far as we know is the cheapest rate around for a bed installation of this kind.


What do i receive for the £150 installation fee?

You receive your chosen bed installed with brand new tubes, a coin-operated meter box, head rest, goggles and professional advice on how to work your bed.


Are there any hidden costs once installed?

No. Once your chosen bed is installed, the only payment we will receive will be the 50% share of the beds profits.


Why is the profit share system 50/50 when you’re not paying for the running costs of the bed?

The reason we share 50/50 is because even though you are paying for the running costs, we in turn pay for the full maintenance of the bed with NO call out charges for repairs and we cover the expense of the bed to be retubed as soon as the tubes hit the manufacturers recommended usage time.


Is there a limit to how many beds i can have installed?

No, if you have the rooms for our beds then we can install as many as you’d like.


How long is the waiting time to get a bed installed?

Once an e-mail is received, our installation team manager will be in contact within a day or two to arrange a date to meet at your premises. The room size and power requirements will be looked at, discussed and an estimated installation date will be given.


Is there a minimum term contract with your beds?

No. We feel as though there should be no extra pressure when starting a new venture in business so we take term contracts out of the equation. And throughout our 30+ years experience in the tanning industry, an extremely high percentage of our clients still have our beds on their premises, making a minimum term contract something that we’ve never had to rely on.


Is there a possibility to buy your beds?

Yes. For details, please e-mail us on the ‘Contact‘ page letting us know which bed you’d be interested in and we will reply within a day or two.