We provide tanning and skin care products to not only maximise the appearance of your tan but to also nourish and moisturise your skin whilst protecting it from the effects of tanning.


How dark do you want to be?

Our vast product line will help you get as bronze as you want, keep your skin healthy and maintain your tan longer.


Take a look below to see which catagory would best suit your needs.

Intensifiers – Go from brown to browner with these amazing non-tingle, dark tanning, ultra-moisturising formulas with increased hydration for darker colour.

Bronzers – Ultimate browning capabilities in super, vitamin-rich, non-tingle, dark-tanning formulas that produce both instant and long-lasting colour that can last upto 8 days.

Tingle/Body Blush – An immediate, vibrant, blushed glow and slight reddening occurs when more oxygen reaches the skin and blood flow increases which triggers melanin production.

SPF – The best outside protection under the sun. Provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays with additive ingredients to hydrate the skin.

Face – Made specifically to protect your face, lips and even tattoos to reduce fading.

After Tan – Extend the life of your tan beyond your indoor tanning session with these soothing, nutrient-rich skin care products.

Collagen Creams – Developed to work synergistically with Collagen lamps to enhance the benefits of light rejuvenation therapy.


Benefits of using a tanning cream!

Magnification: Unlike sun block, which filters the suns rays, specially formulated creams can help you tan better and faster. They are great for helping you reveal a deeper, darker tone. Working with the skin, creams increase the rate at which you brown, helping you get the most out of every tanning session. Using an indoor cream will get you ready for swimsuit season in no time.

Moisturisation: Tanning creams include moisturisers that keep your skin soft and smooth. Dry skin looks unhealthy, old and dull. Moisturising your skin while you tan will help you maintain a healthy glow. Look for items that contain aloe or hemp seed oil.

Skin Conditioning: Indoor tanning can take a toll on your skin. Look for creams with skin-nourishing ingredients designed to slow down ageing. There are many options formulated with skin firming compounds and vitamins.

Adding Heat To Acquire A Deeper Tan: “Tingle” factor creams are very beneficial in the tanning process as they help stimulate micro-circulation of the skin by drawing the blood towards the skin’s surface giving a boost to achieving you tanning plateau.

Preventing Burns And Uneven Tanning: Let’s face it, the whole reason you are tanning in the first place is because you want to look and feel better about yourself. Without the aid of tanning cream, you may be at risk of burning or peeling. Uneven tans don’t look natural, and it can take a long time to fix the damage once it’s done.